Fenomena Ngopi di Indonesia

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Kegiatan "ngopi" saat ini udah menjadi fenomena yang menarik di Indonesia, terutama di kafe dan coffee shop. Setiap kali saya jalan - jalan ke mall dan melewati coffee shop, hampir pasti selalu ramai di jam – jam kapanpun. Hebatnya lagi, kalau dilihat dari profil orang yang ngopi itu sangat beragam, dari anak muda sampai ke pe-bisnis maupun orang tua, sangat gemar duduk ngopi – ngopi di coffee shop. Salah satu faktor yang menyebabkan mereka rajin dan betah berlama – lama bisa ngopi, menurut saya ada 2 hal :

1. Tempat yang nyaman dan strategis. Banyak yang jual kopi, dari jenis kopi arabika, robusta, campuran blend, luwak, dll di Indonesia sebagai salah satu penghasil kopi terbaik ini. Tapi mereka meskipun bukan penggemar kopi dan mungkin tidak mengerti kopi, jika menemukan tempat yang cozy untuk duduk hang out berlama – lama, mereka akan memilih coffee shop tersebut.
     2. Kualitas dan rasa kopi. Pengunjung rata – rata tidak terlalu mengetahui kualitas dan harga kopi robusta arabika luwak dll. Pada umumnya selama rasa kopi itu enak di mulut mereka akan beli. Padahal jika ditelusuri lebih lanjut, banyak diluaran sana yang menyediakan kualitas kopi yang bisa lebih baik. Namun tentunya bukan berarti kualitas rasa kopi di coffee shop itu buruk, tentu saya yakin banyak coffee shop yang jual kopi kualitas bagus.

Kesimpulannya? Packaging atau kemasan yang baik dan menarik merupakan salah satu faktor yang cukup penting untuk mampu menarik calon pembeli. Setuju atau tidak setuju? :)

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Apa Yang Baru di Blog 2010?

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Hampir 2 tahun vacum dari dunia per-blogging-an, wah sekarang seperti anak kecil yang baru merangkak jalan lagi :)

Tidak terlintas dan bingung apa yang harus dituliskan di artikel ini.. Mau minta masukan input informasi saja deh dari teman - teman sekalian, ada apa yang bagus, menarik, dan sedang booming dan happening di dunia blog 2010 saat ini?

1. Apakah SEO dan teknik tips SEO yang ada masih berlaku?
2. Apakah tembak menembak keyword masih berguna?
3. Program bisnis online apa yang menarik sekarang?
4. Ada tips dan trik serta tutorial blog apa yang baru dan muncul dalam dunia blog?
5. Ranking Alexa masih berperan ya?

6. Dan lain - lain apalagi ya?

Yuk ah semangat nge-blog lagi.. Semoga yang lagi jenuh nge-blog bisa semangat lagi ya dengan berbagi informasi disini :)

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Audio Car Modification Is My Hobby

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As a young man in general, my hobby is cars. More precisely is the car modification. Yes, though I am not rich person, but I still want to spend my money to modify my car. I am not satisfied with the standarcondition by the car factory. I want to have a great different car than the standard car. In terms of car modification, many things that can be replaced. But because I very like and love music, so my main focus in the modification is the audio section. The first - all of which I replace is the speakers. This is main part to produce a sound.

After the audio and music over modified, then the next step that is also important is the installation DVD in my car. Yes, DVD drive is very important because when we are stuck in traffic jam, then we can watch the DVD. Many people asked me, where I can get these audio modification products with cheap price but the quality is good. I myself often buy these audio products in ShopWiki, because in addition to great products and low prices, the purchase process was very easy. We only ordered the product which we want, then we pay, and then just waiting for the products coming into our homes. Very easy right?

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Choose The Best TV Satellite Provider

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Television is a media that never ending story from last period until now. Since television discovered a long time ago, television has emerged as the most developed media among other existing media. This is proven by the fact that there are television in almost every house in this world, they must have a television, whether it is the cheapest to the most expensive. Programs that offered on television are very diverse, ranging from movies child, adults, sports, fashion, drama, etc. We only find and choose which programs we like.

Direct tv satellite, as one television program providers, is one of the best today. Direct tv offers variety of programs with an attractive package. Other than programs offered package that is very attractive, the price was not expensive and the way of installation was not difficult. Last year, direct satellite tv even get the most customers compared to other television program providers. So if you are currently looking for a television service programs, direct tv is the most correct choice. I'm sure you will not regret choose Direct tv.

One of the main advantages of using direct tv is that the signal is more better when compared to cable tv. Signal is very reliable and rarely have trouble. The other advantages is the offers more sports programs. Of course this is very suitable and interesting for those who like sports. I really like soccer, basketball, and billiards.

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Reduce Stress With The Right Way

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In modern period like now, competition in every aspect of life are increasingly stringent. There are a lot of people who are very smart and intelligent outside, so that's not easy for us to get the best of everything, especially in the world of work. If you do not recognize, try to immediately see the situation around us and see people around us. You will realize that many challenges and enemies that must be faced to achieve your success. And in this situation, I am sure many people will not stand the reality and they are not able to compete with competitors. This will eventually result in a very profound stress for people who can not stand it.

There are many ways that can be done to combat and cope with stress that is happened to us. One of the most effective ways of course is to do a hobby or something that we like. Definitely it will eliminate, or at least can reduce our stress levels. In addition to that, we can reduce stress by joining the moving company. By joining the moving company, we can get advice and guidance in dealing with this life path. In addition, there are many facilities that we can use in moving company, which will greatly assist us in overcoming the existing stress.

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Find A Best Web Host In The Right Place

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It has been a long time I have not followed the developments of best web host that are currently the best quality and can be trusted to be used. But now I want to go back to follow these developments again. In order to realize this, of course I had to find a reference data site that provides credible best web host. And after searching on search engines, I found wpdesigner.com site. And also besides of that, fortunately, I got recommendations from other netpreneur and fellow bloggers, that is my own friend namely John. He also recommended the same site as above, namely wpdesigner.com.

I think the site is very worth as the reference in determining the best web host which currently exist in cyberspace and which web hosts which do not deserve to be used. This is because the site is have very detailed information and complete on each web host, including in the price information. And the most I like is there is one column that contains the feedback to the owner of the site. This is certainly a very necessary and important for the development of these sites, so I as a visitor can communicate in both directions with the site owner. So, no doubt if you want to search web host, you can find in wpdesigner.com.

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Lowongan Pekerjaan Penuh Resiko

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Ada yang mau pekerjaan jadi beginian ga? Hehehe.... :

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