Very Fun and Unique Quiz !!

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When I browsing to other site, I found a very unique and fun quiz about clothing. This quiz is about "How long can you last without clothing in the arctic". I have took the quiz and the result was very funny, like here :

Merchandise Liquidators

This quiz was provided by

Merchandize Liquidators

a Wholesale Clothing Company

So, I think you can try this quiz, just go to this LINK and follow the instruction. You can try at few condition at that quiz. Not bad for refresh our mind and stress :)

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  1. an4k`SinGKonG // 22 July, 2009  

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  2. nyegik // 23 July, 2009  

    hadiahnya apaan nih...pastinya gede juga dong

  3. Compliment Graphics // 16 August, 2009  

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  5. tutorial Blog // 21 February, 2010  

    ko' gambarnya ga' keluar yah mas....
    padahal saya sudah penasaran....

  6. john // 18 March, 2010  

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  7. 乾煎白鯧Sam // 05 May, 2010  
  8. Herdian // 14 October, 2010  

    iya tuh bener yang di 2 kali ke atas gambarnya gak muncul

    berkunjung teman

  9. Sarang Semut // 07 April, 2011  

    apaan nih???

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  11. toko bunga banjarnegara // 13 July, 2013  

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