Audio Modification Is My Hobbies

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Modifications to my vehicle is my hobby since the high school. At the time of high school, I really like the modifications to my motorcycle, because at that time my parents just gave me motorcycle. And then after high school, on college I was given a car by my parents. My modification hobby was still continue and eventually my car was in full modified. But despite that, there was a step of modification is in the process and the first stage is that I change the audio first.

I make modifications to the audio first because I really like music and I can not drive without music in my car. I also of course use the best speakers, including DVD for watching movies. After the audio, then the next step I make modifications to the body car. I make a custom body that makes the body more width. And for the last I shall replace the tires and velg, so that looks to be more catchy.

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  1. Pencerah // 24 June, 2009  

    go ahead.....

  2. Hangga Nuarta // 26 June, 2009  

    Wah... mulai maenan lagi nih Kang??? Hehehe...

    Hm... Kang, kalau sempat, tolong update blogrollnya ya... Blog saya sekarang ada di

    Trims sebelumnya! :)

  3. karangan bunga cilacap // 07 June, 2013  

    Hobby yang bermanfaat

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