Uniform Is a Part of Fashion

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Fashion world is quickly evolving from time to time, especially for women than men. This is evident with many of the books that talk about fashion today. And then is also on the TV shows that discuss the specific fashion and clothes. Women are more inclined regardful appearance, certainly is not foreign to the books, TV shows, and other references that discuss about fashion today. This happened to my friend who is a woman, that almost every day and always looking for updates on the latest fashion and fashion news. When I ask to her why does not really want to lag fashion, she said that she is very shameful for himself if she missed the fashion and the latest news fashion. Wow, very unique and unbelievable. That is the character of woman.

Uniforms are one of the parts of fashion world. Uniform has a broad scopes, the form can be uniform for school, or junior school, or senior high school or college. Also can also be uniform workwear used by people who are working, including me who is a worker. Uniform seems like just a normal and generally does not require a good design, but I not agree with that. According to me, although uniform not seemed important, but the design of the uniform must be good and interesting. This has been started by a few schools in the city I live. The design of the uniform is very interesting and the color is very light.

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  1. Seno // 11 April, 2009  

    sukses bro, daku g pernah ada job lagi nih,, hiks..

  2. Septian // 11 April, 2009  

    waduw...repiu lag nih...aws dihuku, ama mbah google loh..heheh

  3. Anonymous // 11 April, 2009  

    like green and yellow

  4. Anonymous // 11 April, 2009  

    traktir ya kalo dah da hasilnya.. hehhehee

  5. florist banjarnegara // 28 May, 2013  

    Semoga tambah sukses reviewnya

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