Internet can give 2 influences for everyone used, positive and negative. The positive influence is we can find all any kind of information, especially that we are need for our work or our study. And also to gives us the update information so that we have not missed the news. The negative influence of the Internet is we can do many bad things, such as to make the cyber criminal, being a hacker, pornography, etc. At this time I'm in the influence of the internet as well, but I don’t know in a positive or negative influence.

At this time I'm addicted to play online casinos. I know this online casinos game about 1 month ago, when I introduced by my friend who is also addicted of online casinos game. Type of online casino games that I like is Blackjack. Playing blackjack is very exciting and full of pressure, especially when we have to select add card or not. But that’s the art of playing Blackjack. I own a lot of learning Blackjack from the site. From that site I learned a lot of about tips and strategies that must be done in the playing Blackjack. Through the site I also found many places to play Blackjack online in a safe and reliable.

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  1. Nyante Aza Lae // 16 April, 2009  

    judi khan haram bro..

  2. Online Casino Portal // 23 April, 2009  

    Online blackjack casinos tend to offer a larges variety of blackjack variations. For blackjack enthusiasts, this is a big advantage of playing online blackjack. Online casinos also tend to offer higher payouts and lower house edges as they have less overhead. It is relatively simply to find online blackjack games that are played with a single deck. This decreases the house advantage and is a big advantage for players over land-based casinos that tend to use more than one deck.

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  3. Best Online Casino // 17 May, 2009  

    You are right, positive and negative... like a lot of many other things... everybody needs to think and know how to get the positive

  4. What casino games online? // 21 August, 2009  

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  5. 乾煎白鯧Sam // 05 May, 2010  
  6. gombong florist // 28 March, 2013  

    memang sangat menghibur

  7. foredi tahan lama // 27 May, 2013  

    saya juga sama suka blackjak

  8. lihat disini // 16 July, 2013  

    belum pernah mencobanya sob...

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