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  1. CEWE TAJIR CARI JODOH // 13 April, 2009  

    nama gua NISHA salam kenal semuanya o ya btw gua tinggal di jl poncol jaya kuningan barat mampang prapatan rt 008 rw 05 jakarta selatan. no hp gua 0856 810 2xxx DAN INI LHO nomor telepon rumah GUA 021 52962825.
    umur gua baru 18 tahun Tb.165cm/55kg
    Ciri2 fisik: Tinggi, Putih, Cantik, Sexy, Mulus, Harum, Tajir dan sekarang gua lagi jomblo
    bagi kalian para cowo & duda keren yg mo kenalan boleh deh telepon ke rumah gua
    cuma pembokat gua udeh dipesan ama nyokap gua kalo ada orang asing yg nyari gua
    bilang aja salah sambung gitu atau ga ada
    TAPI KALIAN COBA TERUS TELEPON siapa tau gua yg angkat ok
    o ya btw siapapun yg ntar kawin ama gua bakal dapat warisan Rp 10 MILIAR & TANAH RATUSAN HEKTAR.
    gua cantik sexy, & menggairahkan
    so gua tunggu telepon kalian ya

    Hi all, my name is NISHA, a GIRL, 18 years old.

    I'm mixture of Indonesian-Dutch-Chinese.

    I speak fluent indonesian, good enough in english, passive in dutch and french.

    I'm taking my bachelor degree now , my major is INTERNATIONAL LAW.

    I have a plan to continue my master degree abroad.

    I love playing and watching football. I also like dogs.

    I'm also interested in learning foreign cultures and languages.

    First, i'm looking for a caucasian man, who are polite and could respect each other. I LIKE DIRTY JOKES, I LIKE BIG DICK BIGGER BETTER, I LIKE TO BE SPANK IN MY BUTT



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    If we are match, it's possible to be more than friend (serious boyfriend).

    So, if interested, just CALL me at 02152962825

    Thank you. God bless.

  2. arielz // 13 April, 2009  

    makin deras neh mengalir..

  3. antaresa // 13 April, 2009  

    dapet komen apaan tuh dari cewe tajir???

  4. Anonymous // 14 April, 2009  

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  5. Pencerah // 14 April, 2009  

    bagi dolarnya om

  6. Nyante Aza Lae // 16 April, 2009  

    dari web hosting ke cewek tajir...
    menarik juga tuh

  7. Jolly // 13 May, 2009  


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