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At this time, the development of blogsphere are very fast in all around the world. This is evidenced by the number of bloggers that always increase from time to time. There are 2 main factors that can cause this phenomenon why people want to have a blog. First, people want to follow all new things that happened in modern time like now and being a blogger is one of them. And the other factor is with have a blog we can make internet profits from it.

With only have a computer, internet connection, and a blog, we can already make money from home. Yes that's true, with that three things above we can get an unlimited income from blogs. This is not deceitfulness, many proof and witnesses who have internet profit from blogs. Based on this, the job of make money on the internet will be growing rapidly in the future and a lot of people will choose being a blogger than office employee.

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  1. Anonymous // 15 February, 2009  

    bwakakaka kita dapat job yang sama kang

  2. Anonymous // 15 February, 2009  

    Enaknya dapet duit dari rumah sendiri dan kita hanya menunggu duit bekerja untuk kita :)

  3. Wills // 15 February, 2009  

    Hi there... Nice blog.. I've added u as ma friend in my Pr3 blog. Add me up and buzz me.

  4. Anonymous // 15 February, 2009  

    he he he... salam kenal om...

    Asik nie ngejob terus.... hiks kapan ya bisa begitu :D

  5. Anonymous // 15 February, 2009  

    Alhamdulillah... saya baru mau mulai bisnis ini...kemarin baru beli domain PR3... he he he tapi bingung mau isi apa :D

  6. Anonymous // 15 February, 2009  

    Your post title too popular... :)

  7. Baka Kelana // 16 February, 2009  

    Thanks for this tips

  8. Anonymous // 16 February, 2009  

    sukses bos bisnisnya, btw link saya ganti.. trims

  9. Anonymous // 17 February, 2009  

    lancar ne reviewnya mas :D

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    Bisnis online memang cukup dirumah.....

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