Nurture Dog and Horse

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Aside from a dog, horse is one of the pet that most closely with the people. As we know, dogs are very friendly and faithful to the people as employers. Also with horses, this animals are also very loyal to their employers, especially who could provide good care. However, nurture dogs and horses are two different things, especially in the level of complexity.

Nurture a dog can be said is more easier than horses. In terms of food, rules, activities, cost, and others, nurture the dog is easier and more simple than horses. Also in terms of health, drugs and vaccines for the dogs can be found anywhere easily. Different things with horse vaccines, it can not be found easily. Perhaps maybe only special place where a horse vaccines can be obtained. However, we are as humans need to be able to nurture and love for all the animals in the world, both our pet or not.

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  1. Anonymous // 24 December, 2008  

    abis ini makan yuk boss :)

  2. Anonymous // 24 December, 2008  

    lancar nih boss,hehehe.lanjut pak.

  3. Unknown // 24 December, 2008  

    lancar nui..

  4. Anonymous // 24 December, 2008  

    Sukses ya

  5. Nyante Aza Lae // 24 December, 2008  

    vaksinasi kuda?? bawa ke posyandu aja bro..he..he

  6. Syaiful Safril // 24 December, 2008  

    Kalo kuda mesti buatkan Istalnya.. ribet.. Kalo Anjing kan simpel bro... trus ngga ada maling yg mendekat deh.. tapi tergantung dari masing-masing org ya..?

  7. Anonymous // 24 December, 2008  

    i'm going with u bro. pokoknya cintai binatang.

  8. Anonymous // 24 December, 2008  

    tahun baruan cerah; payment-nya lancar bos...? Amiiiiin. Apa saja selagi bisa.

  9. Anonymous // 24 December, 2008  

    weh, ak mencium bau dolar disini.. :D

  10. Anonymous // 25 December, 2008  

    bagus ..!!! pemanfaatan blog yang optimal ...
    Nice post ...!!

  11. Anonymous // 30 December, 2008  

    Kuda sama anjing, sama sama mahal......

  12. toko bunga online // 16 April, 2013  

    mantaap artikelnya, pinter cari duwit nihhh....

  13. Grosir sprei Murah // 01 June, 2013  

    artikel yang menarik

  14. Aussie // 07 October, 2013  

    move on itu perlu

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