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Do you like football? I'm a maniac football actually. :) My favorite team is Manchester United, and my favorite football player is Cristiano Ronaldo. He has a great dribbling. His shooting is very good too. I always watch Manchester United match. If I miss it, I'll watch the highlight.

Are you a football player or just watch it? If you just watch it (like me), I want share a new web tv football. Carlsberg has just launched Web-TV channel about football and fan life : Carlsberg web-tv. With this channel, you can watch with high quality. For further information, you can visit to On that channel, we can also watch football funnies and rituals from the Football Magic channel.

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  1. toko bunga gombong // 26 December, 2012  

    saya juga maniac football tapi tim favoritku Barcelona

  2. deni // 30 March, 2014  

    retina beaar nakal

  3. terry // 30 March, 2014  

    materi berguna saat ini

  4. yube // 30 March, 2014  

    garis pratanahan depan

  5. rusia // 30 March, 2014  

    selebrity cabut dana

  6. rahasia // 30 March, 2014  

    rahasia terbang dengan apa

  7. yunnan // 30 March, 2014  

    resimen tepat guna

  8. retti // 30 March, 2014  

    werisen tupit lah

  9. tuinal // 30 March, 2014  

    resimen penakluk

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