Select Car Based On The Needs

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At this time I used Honda Odyssey as my vehicles. However, after 2 years using that car, it's a lot of problem that has occurred and is not good to use again. I think it's time to find another car as a replacement. Actually, I want BMW M5 as my car, but on the other side the price is too expensive and I do not have enough money for that.

As the other candidates, I'm confused between Audi TT or Dodge Ram 1500. Audi TT is a cars that are very comfortable to use and have a sensual body, but the fuel usage is very high. Dodge Ram 1500 is very manly and looks suitable for men, but not match if we used for official events. But I think I feel better choose Audi TT, because I am a person who are assessing cars by their body and acceleration.

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  1. Anonymous // 12 February, 2009  

    wuih keyennn mobilnya ajah honda odyssey.keyen boss

  2. Anonymous // 12 February, 2009  

    saya kuatnya cm beli grobak

  3. Anonymous // 12 February, 2009  

    main review terus nich bro... mantabz ... :D

  4. Anonymous // 12 February, 2009  

    Kok sepi sech?

  5. Anonymous // 13 February, 2009  

    wow tahan goyangan neh blog yah, keknya google baru update lagi, soalnya blog teman ada yang jatuh prnya sama domainku yang lain juga jatuh slikers tetap pr 4 gilaaa, apa rahasianya bro :D kekkeke

  6. Anonymous // 13 February, 2009  

    uiy.. Odyssey.. mau dunk @_@

  7. Unknown // 13 February, 2009  

    I prefer choose my great and the best vehicles which can run through the traffic jam in the city.
    Let me introduce to ya, the best and the most valuable vehicle ever....The Gambot 2004, alias Karisma...hehehehe, pilih jadi bikers ajah ah....lebih slewer slewer..........

  8. Anonymous // 15 February, 2009  

    Good review frend

  9. toko bunga online // 18 January, 2013  

    terimakasih reviewnya, kereeen

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