One thing that can not be purchased in the world is health. Yes that's right, whatever a lot of money that we have, we can not buy that we can be healthy at every time. That's why we have to care with our body to still health and fit every time. It is very important in the life of this world, because of illness is very bad condition to be perceived.

Actually, being healthy is very cheap. The most appropriate way to be healthy is with a routine fitness, at least 3 times a week. This is done to maintain stamina in order to keep our bodies fit. But if we are too busy with our daily activities and not had time to go to gym, then we can do sports in our home. Sports that can be done at home such as with the fitness machine. With just 10 minutes every day, so we can get the fit body condition everyday.

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  1. Anonymous // 18 February, 2009  

    PERTAMAXX! ya..ya..kesehatan emang sangat penting.., kalo badan sehat kan bisa ngeblog! :P

  2. Anonymous // 18 February, 2009  

    health is one most important for our life so lets take care our health together (ugh makin tebel ajah nih om isi dompetnya heheheh :D)

  3. Anonymous // 18 February, 2009  

    kali ini posting tentang kesehatan y boss.

  4. Anonymous // 18 February, 2009  

    kesehatan ya,Hmm...gogle translitnya mana ya kawan.
    aku telmi nih...hehe

    Yup !

  5. Anonymous // 18 February, 2009  

    Kesehatan adalah harta paling berharga di dunia, most important

  6. Unknown // 18 February, 2009  

    Ingat Sakitmu kala Sehatmu...jeilah.(sentimentil dari lover untuk mas Slikers)

  7. toko bunga online // 08 February, 2013  

    dengan jasmani yang sehat, apa-apa jadi nikmat

  8. klik selengkapnya // 21 August, 2013  

    ya saya setuju, tak ada yang lebih berharga selain kesehatan..

  9. Aussie // 27 August, 2013  

    kesehatan memang sangat penting.

  10. obat mencegah kanker // 10 September, 2013  

    ya, saya setuju dengan tulisannya....kesehatan sangat penting!

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