Cheap Hotels In Canada

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Except Singapore, other country that I want go to at this time is Canada. If life in Singapore can be said nice, safe, and comfortable, then in Canada is more than that. Everything is guaranteed, even for the hospital cost is free. But a little problem when I decided go to Canada is the cost of transportation that must be prepared, that's very expensive. Besides that, everything is acceptable, include about the hotels, because I've found a site named

This site is a service popular with overseas visitors to Canada. In that site I get a successful bid a very cheap hotel. And as proof, I successfully get cheap hotels in Vancouver and cheap hotels in Toronto. That two places are the main location target in my holiday. Whereas if it had, I also want to Montreal. Cheap hotels in Montreal also have offered on that site. From a year ago I really want go to these place and now I'm more interesting to going there after I see the hotel picture below, that's really awesome :

Vancouver :

Toronto :

Montreal :

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  1. Unknown // 20 February, 2009  

    horee...nomer satu..pertama.asyiiikkk...kapan ya aku ke canada?nginap di hotel lagi...wah pasti enak.

  2. Kristina Dian Safitry // 20 February, 2009  

    horeee..nomor dua

    kalo ada doku aku pengen ke niagara

  3. Anonymous // 20 February, 2009  

    kapan aku bisa kesana

  4. Hellen Werinusa // 20 February, 2009  

    wah keren tapi aku butuh berapa lama ya buat ngumpulin duit ke sana... :)


  5. Anonymous // 20 February, 2009  

    mantap !!...ngalir terus $$$ nya

  6. Anonymous // 20 February, 2009  

    ayo om kita jalan-jalan ke canada

  7. Anonymous // 20 February, 2009  

    Duh Indahnya ..Lama gak jenguk disini ...

  8. Anonymous // 20 February, 2009  

    wah..kapan ya punya banyak uang pake kesana...

  9. blog kanker // 15 July, 2013  

    murah tapi hotelnya sangat bagus..

  10. kunjungi blogku // 27 July, 2013  

    indah banget...

  11. obat herbal pencegah kanker // 08 September, 2013  

    hotel yang sangat indah sekali ya...

  12. readmore // 04 October, 2013  

    wah mewah sekali ya hotelnya...

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