I Like You But I Hate You

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What the meaning with that title? Yes, my feeling now is really hate with one 'thing', but on the other hand I like that 'thing'. The 'thing' in this case is Wordpress. I like wordpress because it's user friendly, especially when I posting an article, anything you can do very easily (i.e : make link, insert picture, insert audio, etc). On blogger here, it's not that easy. I have to write html code to make link. And then, when I insert picture on the middle post, the position of that picture not synchronize with the letter, ugh.... :(

This maybe I'm newbie on blogger, there are many things I don't know yet. But it's ok, I hope my skill and knowledge will grow and increase in the future. And now, why I hate Wordpress? Of course because Wordpress is very tight. A lot of thing you can't do with Wordpress. For example : javascript code, ads, advertising, even you can't review site. Damn, that so terrible. But, I can't do anything with their ToS. Rules is Rules. :( So, finally I decided move to blogger here, and today is exactly have been 5 days this blog is existed. I hope I can go move on with blogger and get more friends and income for me personal.

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  1. Kang Romly // 31 March, 2010  

    That Right....I deal with you...

  2. toko bunga banjarnegara // 01 March, 2013  

    Terimakasih telah berbagi

  3. septic tank // 23 February, 2015  

    ikut menyimak gan ...,,,

    Happy blogging ,,,

  4. biotechindonesia // 23 February, 2015  

    i like this blog ...

  5. stpbiotech // 23 February, 2015  

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