We Should Care of Our File Extension

Posted by - s L i K e R s - | 1:03 PM |

A few days ago, I am very sad and confused because there was something wrong with my computer. The system was not work normal as usual, a lot of awkwardness and error were appears. I finally brought my computer to the service center to repair. And the result is my computer got a lot of file extension that is damaged and error, especially with file extension TMP and file extension PPS.

Main cause of why this may happened is because yesterday I had time to install new software on my computer, and because that software does not good then finally I uninstalled it. This was very influential to our computer system because we do not change the default editor back to the previous software we were using, so the result will create a problem with file system extension. If we do frequently download torrent files, this also happen in the file extension torrent in our computer. If we do not care about this then our computer system may be got a very bad damage.

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