Verifying Paypal Account With VCC

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2 hours ago, I still didn't know how to verify my paypal account. But and then, I chatted with my blogger friends : Zoel. I asked him how to verifying paypal account, and what a coincident, he know about this. Not a long answer he told me, he just give one name : Palupi Dewi. Zoel told me that Palupi Dewi could help us to verify paypal account with VCC. VCC means Virtual Credit Card, so we needn't have a credit card to verify.

Furthermore, I contact to Palupi Dewi and ask her to verify my paypal account. Of course that's not free, I have to pay her IDR 80.000. After that, I paid to her account and confirmed my payment to Palupi and she guided me step by step to verify. And what? My paypal status has verifying now. Thanks to Zoel and Palupi Dewi.

On the other hand, I was thinking that there are a lot of ways for us to get money. Being a VCC Seller like this is one of them. Honestly, I think I'm interested to be a VCC seller too if I know how to do that. Hahaha.. :)

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  1. Anonymous // 29 October, 2008  

    If you have a credit card it wont be that difficult.. wella, Congratulations then!

  2. Anonymous // 30 October, 2008  

    you are wellcome!!!

  3. Anonymous // 09 October, 2011  

    haloo, sista1! saya mau beli VCC donk!! berapa harga nya??

  4. Anonymous // 09 October, 2011  

    Tolong bales nya di Email q yaa.

  5. toko bunga online // 19 June, 2013  

    Paypal jadi sekarang jadi lebih mudah

  6. Putra // 03 January, 2014  

    I want to register paypal. hope all the best for me guys :D

  7. Unknown // 07 February, 2015  
  8. septic tank // 24 February, 2015  

    tq info y mas ,,, ooh jadi begitu ea ,,,

  9. septic tank // 24 February, 2015  

    nice blog ,,,..


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