Tips for Making a Long Distance Marriage Work

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Many couples find themselves commuting a few miles from work to home everyday. However, some couples find themselves commuting over a few states between their home and their jobs. If a job has you or your partner commuting across hundreds of miles, you may want to figure out ways to deal with your long distance marriage. Just like any marriage, trust and communication are essential elements in a long distance marriage. Here are some ideas that may help you strengthen these elements in your relationship.

Trust is essential for any relationship, but it's definitely more important in a long distance relationship because of the separation. The distance limits the number of opportunities to see each other face to face, so you may be concerned about your partner finding that kind of companionship with somebody else. However, there are ways that may help you prove to your partner and vice versa that you are trustworthy.

For instance, responding to emails and messages promptly show your partner that you are thinking about him or her. It also shows that you're reliable despite the distance between the two of you. If you have to leave for a business trip, you should tell your partner ahead of time. By telling your partner or go to www., you may eliminate some of the doubts about your honesty that would have happened if you left without telling your partner. Keep phone dates or online dates to show your partner that he or she is still one of your top priorities.

Communication involves more than calling or emailing your loved one. It involves the type of messages and conversations you have. Keeping your partner updated about the daily events in your life including the people at your new location allows your partner to still feel like he or she is an important part of your life. You should ask your partner for advice or your partner's thoughts about situations, which allows your partner to be actively involved in your life. You should ask your partner about his or her daily activities because it proves that you're concerned about your partner's life.
To spice up your communication, you may want to try using web cams or video phones. Being able to see your partner as you talk to him or her can be more comforting than just hearing his or her voice. You can also send a love note reminding your partner how much you care. You could also email your partner links to web pages he or she might be interested in just to show you're thinking about him or her.
For more ideas, try Loving You at because there is a section in the advice column just for long distance relationships, as well as The Romantic at Other than these ideas, you may also want to make time to physically see your partner. Seeing your partner may help alleviate some of the anxiety and tension both of you are dealing with. Hopefully, you and your partner will be able to work towards making your long distance marriage a wonderful union.

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