It's Time to Say Goodbye ?

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5 days ago I was very happy because I've a lot of jobs to review sites (of course that's paid). And with highly motivation, I wrote the review one by one until all jobs finished. Generally, I just have to wait the advertisers check my review and after that, I'll get paid. But unfortunately, 2 days ago I've message from Wordpress Admin. He told me that I've to remove all my review articles, because Wordpress isn't allow something like that. Damn, I'm so disappointed and sad when I read that message. Fact, I will not get paid since my review remove.

Now I've removed my review articles. But you know what? I can't posting and publishing articles on My Wordpress dashboard now, it's seems I was banned. Damn, that's very weird. I think Wordpress is too bearish and tight. And finally I decided move from Wordpress to Blogspot . Yes, this is my new blog on blogspot. Blogging on blogspot maybe is not easier as Wordpress, but I think I'll feel more free here. And of course I hope I'll get income with blogspot. It's time to say goodbye from Wordpress?

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