Find US Area Codes and Phone Number Here !

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If you are American or want to go there, I think sometimes you'll need the area code and phone number. What for? Of course a lot of thing that you can do with that data. For example, if you want to deliver or post mail, of course you'll need that area codes. Or if you want call someone on any place in US, you'll need the phone number to connect. Are you remember all that code both area code and phone number? I don't think so.

For that problem, I can give you one big solution. You only just to open THIS site. Yes, in that site you can search area codes, the states that host them, and phone number with detail on all US area. This site complete list of all 281 area codes delegated in United States. There is a 'Search Facilities' to make you easier to search. Also, there is a Logo of every area, so this site is very good looking. No doubt, if you need to search area code and phone number of US area, you can visit that site above.

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  1. bunga papan // 16 December, 2012  

    Apakah ada untuk area seluruh Indonesia

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