Perfume and Cologne Make Me Fragrant

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Few years ago, I was a person who didn't care about my appearance. I was dirty, ugly, crumpeled, smells really bad, bad looking :(  For that time, I never thought to change my appearance. But, since I've got a bad experience with my appearance (I won't tell what the experience exactly), I decided to change my appearance drastically. I realized that with a bad appearance, I'll got nothing in my life (like a girl, job, friends, and the other thing).

For the first step, I decided to change my attitude and more care of cleanliness. I used to bath once a time in one day, now I change to twice in a day. Now I always hair cut once a month. And also I try to using parfume and cologne right now. I believe although we have take a bath twice a day, we will not fragnant enough without perfume and cologne. When I search what the best perfume and cologne, I found THIS site accidentally. And you know what? I surprised with that site. I think there are more than 30.000 stores in that site. You can find anything in there, include perfume and cologne. Since I visited that site, my knowledge about kind of a good perfume and cologne is increasingly.

I also know what kind of perfume and cologne is a new releases or not.  For the women, if you want to know what the best or top perfume picks in every decade, you can visit to this PAGE. Or if you need some guides (for examples : Fragrances for Children, Award Winning Fragrance, etc), you can also visit on THIS site. I believe you will not disappointed if you visit that site. Now, with the usefull information from the site above, I've changing my appearance to be a good looking with a good smells person.

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  1. Anonymous // 26 November, 2008  

    is this real story? if yes, i think i know what experienced that make you change :p

  2. Toko Bunga Di Wonosobo // 04 November, 2012  

    Parfum nambah pede....

  3. jual obat penggugur kandungan // 09 February, 2017  


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