Best Furniture For Your House

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I believe that everyone want the best furniture for their rooms and their house. In this case, the meaning of 'Best' is the best of quality, design, service, life time and of course with the good price. Hmm, maybe not only for furniture I think, but everyone want the best products with the lowest price :) That's natural, but this time I want focus to sharing about furniture (of course the best furniture). I am the person who prefer loving a modern furniture design. Why? Hmm I don't know why exactly, maybe that is my style. Some people maybe like contemporary furniture, Italian furniture, classic furniture, designer furniture, and many more. How about you? Do you like furniture too? What genre do you prefer?

My house is re-designing right now. I bore with my old design. And my focus to design right now is my bedroom. I have a medium size bedroom, but I think that's not a problem to make it full of design. And the first thing I have to do is choose the match bedroom furniture. It's not easy to choose the right furniture because I have to mix it with all elements in my bedroom, like the floor, wall, doors, windows, and the shape of room. After I search the reference in Internet and Magazine, finally I have my choice and the picture is like this :

(this picture is not in my bedroom, I take that picture from THIS site.. But more or less my bedroom's furniture is same like that xD)

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